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Worried about losing your dream rental property because you can’t make it into the office on time or don’t have the cash on you to pay?
Worried that your rent hasn’t been paid out of your bank account and won’t reach us in time before the rent due date? Worry no more!

Thornton Robson Estate Agents in Rugby can accept payments by credit/debit card payment through PayPal. All payments are subject to a 3.5% surcharge. To work out the amount for payment including the surcharge - take the figure you wish to pay and divide by 0.965 - for example £360.00 divide by 0.965 = £373.06. This is the amount you need to pay to cover the cost of the surcharge.

Then all you need to do is enter your property or reference in the fields below. Press the PAY NOW button below and follow the instructions on the next pages.

It’s totally secure and the fastest way of paying. You will automatically receive an email confirming that your payment has succeeded. We recommend you keep a copy of this receipt for your reference.

Any problems please contact Thornton Robson Estate Agents In Rugby or contact 01788 547000